How to become a vendor

Price list and fees

>Belkaboo fee: 3%-5% commission off all sales.

>Subscription: All vendors must have MINUMIM 30 style listings uploaded at all times.

>Bronze subscription: 20 per month + 5% commission of sales

for up to 100 product style listings

>Silver subscription: 25 per month + 5% commission of sales

for up to 200 product style listings

>Gold subscription: 40 per month + 3% commission of sales

for up to 1000 product style listings


All photos and store logos must meet Belkaboo specifications.

Images are of great importance when trying to attract the interest of potential customers.

Whether taken professionally or by you, always keep in mind that these photos are your online shop front.

Therefore, quality is key in gaining customer interest and trust.

Image specifications

>Vendor logo should be 100x100pxl

>Photos of products should be from 500x500pxl to 900x900pxl

>Product photos must be of portrait orientation

>Vendors are recommended to upload up to five photos per product

> All clothing items MUST be shot on a model (preferably there should only be a single model per photo)

>Bags, shoes and accessories may be shot on their own

>All product photos must be your own

Not permitted:

>Flat shots of clothing or mannequin shots are not permitted

>No Black and white photos

>No mirror selfies

>Catwalk images or catalog images are not allowed

DIY photograph guide

>Get the right lighting: natural light works best!

Shoot photos in early afternoon, outside for best results

(keep in mind copyright policy, make sure to blur out any logos or car number plates)

*Wall background recommended

>Model features and backgrounds shouldn’t outshine product featured.

Cropping/blurring unwanted details is recommended

>Don’t over retouch or add filters that drastically change colors of products featured

>Each photo must focus on one item

Product Listings:

Product specifications:

>When listing products ensure all categories, filters and sizes are correctly selected.

This will reduce returns and help gain a relationship of trust with your customer, leading to recurring purchases

>All Vendors must constantly check online store for orders and update product listings regularly

to ensure product availability, as products on Belkaboo must be 100% available and owned by vendor.

When listing designer items

>It is the Vendors responsibility to be confident that designer products are 100% genuine.

Selling counterfeit products or look-alikes are illegal

And will lead to store suspension.


>Products listed online have priority to Belkaboo online mall and must be available at all times

> Overall customer reviews must average 3* and above at all times or vendor stores

will go under Belkaboo vendor review panel, which can lead to suspension or store removal.

No No’s:

>Don’t use brand name in description of product listing that IS NOT

actually made by the specified brand e.g. “brand name” inspired, “brand name” look-alike..

>Don’t suggest that you are an official reseller/dealer if you are NOT

>Don’t Use Belkaboo online mall to sell previous season stock


The more interest vendors take in their store the more their sales will increase online.

Vendors may share product links on all social media and use any

other means of promotion of their choice.

Leave the rest of the marketing to us!

>Use quality photos as your online shop front to gain customer confidence

>Check online orders regularly

>Do not delay shipping of products

>Take pride in packaging and presentation

>Respond quickly to customer enquiries

>Follow Belkaboo specifications to ensure positive reviews

These points are key to a successful vendor store and will set you apart.