How it works

What you’ll need:

1. Active email address

2. PayPal verified business account (Free registration)

3. Company logo

4. Product photos

5. Shipping company of your choice

(*see recommended shipping companies below)

Product Listings

>Vendors should have a minimum of 30 product style listings at all times.

This promotes customer interest in vendors’ store and a wider variety of products attract a wider audience.

>Each product listing can ONLY showcase ONE product

>Product listings have a life span of 180 days. After end-of-season sales all product listings expire

and new season listings must be uploaded

> Vendors have the option to either remove expired products or move them into the OUTLET category.

>It is the vendors’ responsibility to update products regularly, as to ensure no conflict with customers.

Re-listing of products

Relisting of previous seasons products is NOT PERMITTED on Belkaboo online mall.

Product listings expire after end-of-season sales.

Previous season’s products are NOT to be re-listed under new season category

only moved into the OUTLET category.

Unisex listings

All unisex products can be listed twice, both under female and male gender category.

These product photos may have both male and female models in them.

Photograph policy

Inspire your customer!

The details count!

Photos are your online shop front, therefor paying attention to quality of photos, backgrounds and focusing

on what makes your product unique will attract your audience’s interest!

Image specifications

>Vendor logo must be 318×169 PX

>Photos of products must be 870×1262 PX

>Product photos must be of portrait orientation

>Vendors are recommended to upload up to five photos per product.

Photos should be used to showcase the variety of angles for each listing or a close-up to show off details.

>All clothing items MUST be shot on a model (preferably there should only be a single model per photo)

>Bags, shoes and accessories may be shot on their own

>All products photos must be your own.


It is compulsory for all vendor stores to take part in end of season Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter sales,

Which take place in January and July each year.

New season product listings must be uploaded to vendor store thereafter.

Vendor store billing

Belkaboo’s commission of sales fee and subscription will be deducted automatically

from vendors registered PayPal account.

>Bronze subscription: 20€ per month + 5% commission on sales

for up to 100 product style listings

>Silver subscription: 25€ per month + 5% commission on sales

for up to 200 product style listings

>Gold subscription: 40€ per month + 3% commission on sales

for up to 1000 product style listings


>Subscription fee on Belkaboo monthly invoice will automatically be deducted

from vendors PayPal account 2 days after invoice is issued.

>Commission Fee on all sales is deducted automatically on sale.

Overdue invoices

If for some reason payments fail to go through, contact PayPal directly

so that the issue may be resolved and payment can then be deducted automatically.

If an overdue invoice is not settled within 5 days vendor’s store will be temporarily suspended until issue is resolved


>Product orders must be shipped with in 3 days of receiving payment.

All orders must be received by customer within MAXIMUM 30 days.

>It is the vendors’ responsibility to check shipping status and tracking of parcel

until the product has reached customers registered address.

Packaging and presentation

Taking pride in presentation of products delivered to customers promotes repeat business,

customer satisfaction, as well as positive reviews.

*Make sure to add customer invoice with return details in packaging.

Shipping charges


Research shipping company fees that best suit your product and location.

Customers see shipping charges as an extra expense and this may lead to an abandoned shopping cart.

Shipping companies we recommend:



>ELTA Courier

>ACS Courier

Customer communication

Customers can contact vendors with queries on products, order status, refunds or replacements

via the platforms communication feature. Vendors must respond to customers within 1 business day

so as to maintain good reviews and gain customer preference by offering quick and efficient service.

Refund and returns

Orders may be cancelled before status is marked as shipped.

Vendors must keep order status up to date though out selling process.


Refund policy

Products must be returned to vendor for full money back refund within 14 days in original packaging and condition.

Faulty products have to be returned for refund or exchange within 28 days of purchase.

Return policy

Products must be returned to vendor in original packaging and condition.

Products may be returned within 14 days of receiving for exchange with another item with in vendor’s store.

Vendor must provide customer with instructions on return process.

Once item is received and accepted vendor must refund customer via PayPal.

All vendors should comply with refund/return policy in order to keep customers content

and vendor store reviews positive.

Customer reviews

Overall customer reviews must average 3* and above otherwise vendor stores

will go under Belkaboo vendor review panel, which can lead to store removal or suspension.

>Tone of vendor response to negative customer reviews should always be kept in a professional manner.

Belkaboo vendor review panel can only review and intervene with negative store reviews:

>Once the vendor has tried to persuade the customers to change negative review themselves

>14-day period has past.

To avoid negative reviews and a bad reputation vendors should always:

>Check online orders regularly

>Avoid delays in shipping of product

>Keep shipping costs low

>Take pride in packaging and presentation

>Respond quickly to customer enquiries

>Comply with refund and return policies

> Follow Belkaboo specifications

Conflict resolution:

>For conflicts involving funds:

Contact PayPal directly to resolve any conflict with funds.

Belkaboo may take further action if deemed necessary; this can lead to the suspension of selling or buying privileges.

Contact Belkaboo:

For customer service:

For technical service: