FAQ’s Vendor

1. Am I legally bound to Belkaboo online mall?

No, vendors have a monthly subscription plan that they can stop at anytime.

It is the vendor’s responsibility to follow Belkaboo vendor specifications for a

successful online store.

2. What does Belkaboo online mall offer vendors?

>The opportunity for business expansion, by introducing vendors to a wider

customer base via marketing strategies.

>A simple and easy subscription process to Belkaboo online mall gives vendors

an instant online presence, increases exposure and customer traffic at affordable prices.

3. How do I personalise my store?


>Store description

>Creative and quality product photos

>Store banner

4. How do I cancel my vendor subscription?

A vendor can only cancel subscription once all orders have been marked as shipped.

Vendor then may request cancellation via the vendor dashboard.

>Once subscription has been cancelled your store and product listings will no longer have

an online presence on Belkaboo’s platform.

>All outstanding fees will be in invoiced, up to date of cancellation.

5. How much does it cost to rent space on Belkaboo online mall?

>Bronze subscription: 20€ per month + 5% commission on sales

for up to 100 product style listings

>Silver subscription: 25€ per month + 5% commission of sales

for up to 200 product style listings

>Gold subscription: 40€ per month + 3% commission of sales

for up to 1000 product style listings

6. How do I promote my store?

Belkaboo has its own marketing strategy for promoting the online platform;

each vendor however, is permitted to promote their store via social media

or any other marketing means they see fit.

7. How can I make my store stand out?

We promote the best!!!

Your store could be picked for promotion on Belkaboo online social media accounts

or homepage according to the following criteria:

>Quality of photos

>Variety and uniqueness of merchandise

>Customer reviews